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F1 2016 Crack Status

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The current chief executive in Crimea was originally installed by Russian security forces, and subsequent elections have been carefully controlled by the Russian government. Among other abuses, during 2016 elections for the Russian parliament in Crimea, local activists reported that public- and private-sector workers were threatened with dismissal from their jobs if they failed to vote, and some municipal officials were pressured to attend a preelection rally for United Russia.

Russia's occupation authorities deny full political rights to all Crimea residents, but ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars are regarded with particular suspicion and face greater persecution than their ethnic Russian counterparts. The headquarters of the 33-member Mejlis, the Crimean Tatars' representative body, was seized and closed by the authorities in 2014. The Mejlis's incumbent chairman, Refat Chubarov, and Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev have been banned from the territory since then. In 2016, Crimea's Supreme Court formally banned the Mejlis, and the Russian Supreme Court confirmed the decision later the same year. In April 2017, the International Court of Justice ordered Russia to "refrain from maintaining or imposing limitations on the ability of the Crimean Tatar community to conserve its representative institutions, including the Mejlis." However, the Mejlis remained banned at year's end.

The list could go on forever, as there are so many questions asked just before the cars start running, but while that tends to be the case every year, there's something about 2016 that makes it that bit extra special. As Claire Williams said in Barcelona, during the last day of pre-season testing, with most of the top seats up for grabs at the end of 2016 - only Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso have valid contracts for 2017 and in the Spaniard's case there's a performance clause that allows him to leave at the end of this year - the drivers' market is going to be very exciting to follow.

With all that at stake on the tracks and with the drivers' market keeping the paddock abuzz - and you can bet rumours are going to start flying around even before we get to Bahrain, in a couple of weeks - there's a lot more at stake in the background. It's now pretty clear no more manufacturers are having a look at Formula One, given the period of uncertainty the sport is currently living in. With rules being finalised one week before the championship starts, Formula One is not encouraging any manufacturer to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to join Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda. The sooner the 2017 rules are set in stone and everyone knows what kind of Power Units we'll have around the better and those rules should be valid for a period between five and seven years, as only with stability Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW or Peugeot may be tempted to have a crack at Grand Prix racing.

Beyond that, the whole structure of the sport is under discussion. Now that Renault has signed to stay in Formula One until the end of 2024, what deals can CVC Capital Partners offer the other manufacturers And to the independent teams, that are essential for the survival of the sport And what about Bernie Ecclestone's status Will it remain the same, with a centralised decision-making process remaining in place, or will new blood, with new energy and new ideas come into the party Whoever leads must address the serious loss of TV viewership the sport is suffering and measure really well if the short-term gain offered by pay TV channels offsets the massive loss of fans all over the world that restricting the viewing offer is causing.

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