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use cd, pwd and cat to create a directory listing tool. for example, listing the contents of the /usr/local/info/docs directory (the / stands in for the path the user has entered in), we can write a tool called lsdocs as follows:

sometimes we need to manipulate text files in several stages. for example, a workflow might edit a config file, then extract some information from it, then modify it in some way, before a final merge. the tooltiptext toolkit aims to address such problems by providing a set of tools that can be applied in a pipeline. the toolkit is used to create a tool that accepts a regular command-line toolkit, then recursively calls itself within that tool with different command-line parameters, and then exits.

there is a similar parameter fixed_shell that defaults to true, and allows tools to fork into a shell to escape to a safe environment. some tools will use fixed_shell, and allow you to specify one as false.

the toolkit comes with a cli tool that will show you the available pipelines and provide one as an example. the script is a shell script that can be modified to allow it to dynamically change the behavior of the tool. 3d9ccd7d82


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