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Where To Buy Womens Tuxedo

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Where To Buy Womens Tuxedo

Try our Little Black Tux and experience the highest quality line of tuxedos exclusively designed & manufactured for women. Nothing will make you feel more empowered, sexy, and effortlessly confident than wearing our tuxedo styled to your liking. Perfect for any occasion: wedding's, prom, birthday's, black tie affair's, or even just a gno!

Look no further! Experience the highest quality product on the market for those who are looking for that unique alternative to a gown. You're sure to dazzle in our Diamond White tuxedo on the most important day of your life.

If you want to wear a unique female tux, you may as well go all out. Add the tux accessories that give you the special look. You should [still] wear a pocket square even if you are sporting a boutonniere. Pocket squares complete every outfit. I recommend a straightforward white linen pocket square 95 percent of the time. It has a neat, subtle look, which gives your tux the perfect finish.One place where you may add a bit extra individuality is with ties and bow ties. However, remember that the busier or funkier the tie, the more it may undermine the overall look.Jewelry

When using our unique women's tuxedo designer, you can personalize every detail. Contrasted shiny lapels, choose them notched, peaked, or shawl. Slim or loose fit. 1, 2, or 3 buttons. Double-breasted No problem. How many vents do you prefer At sumissura, you design your own tuxedo, and we make it to your measurements.

Every occasion has a different need, which is shown in your tuxedo, actually. No matter what occasion, at Sumissura, we cover women's wedding tuxedos, formal event tuxedos, casual tuxedos, fancy tuxedos - you name it.

The fit is essential. Go for a loose fit in a velvet fabric to get one of the trendiest looks this season. Choose the classic blue slim fit with black lapels. Our bestseller ever. You can find tons of inspiration online. We recommend looking for Janelle Monae, Cara Delavigne, Blake Lively, or Olivia Palermo tuxedo outfits.

Get a white or pale-colored Tuxedo for your wedding Yes! Brides can get married in a white tux, too. It's a great alternative to a classic (white) wedding dress. You can pair your tuxedo blazer with a skirt rather than pants if you wish. It's your day, your decision!

Not only can the bride wear a woman's tuxedo. Discover our collection of tuxedos for women to find the perfect fitting wedding guest tuxedo. Choose between different cuts and colors and get well-dressed. But remember: white is reserved for the bride, except if the dress code is white for all.

The perfect fit of a woman's tuxedo is a must. Finding the perfect fit for your tuxedo jacket and pants can take time and effort when searching for the outfit. With Sumissura, you can measure your body and tell us your measurements. We will tailor your women's tuxedo pantsuit according to your body measurements to guarantee a perfect fit.

Are you unsure if you want to wear a full-matching tuxedo Then just go for a tuxedo jacket. At Sumissura, you can buy the whole suit or just the jacket. Click here for more info: Women's Tuxedo Jackets

Powered by a team of women, creating complementary women's wedding tuxedos and suits was an obvious next step, especially after having so many women ask us for it. We love that we can now get anyone suited up for the big day and beyond.

Few things are as chic than the stunning midnight blue one-button tuxedo jacket in Italian wool crepe, accentuated by a deep black shawl lapel and center back vent. The Black Watch tartan velvet tuxedo is as understated as it is unique and brings a sense of festive yet elegant flair.

Offering the ultimate girl power moment, the best tuxedos for women are a fantastic alternative to sparkly evening wear. With occasion season just around the corner, if you're dreading wearing a dress and prefer something a little more tailored, then a women's tuxedo could be the answer to your black tie prayers.

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