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Stepmania 3.95 Cvs Download \/\/TOP\\\\

LINK ->>>

calibrate audio sync this tool works well since stepmania preview 4, and is used to calibrate your audio configuration. namely, it evaluates the mismatch between the mats input and the audio output. you should try it if you doubt you ddr configuration, or want to maximize your scores. a sample music plays continously, it is some kind of rythmbox. you have to play an infinite succession of left/rigth arrows on this song.

stepmania is a simulation of the popular music based games called dance dance revolution. it's free ware and unlike ddr, you can play any song with it. it has the same concept of the four arrows and pressing the corresponding button when it reaches the top. for stepmania, many players use the keyboard but you can use a dance pad via usb. when you download and installed the program from you also need to download the songs. check out the following thread to see many sites with simfiles (songs) for download: after you download a sim, it should be in a zip file. open it and copy the folder inside. go to start> all programs> stepmania> open stepmania program folder> songs> *create a new folder* in this new folder, just right click and paste. that's it, stepmania should now load the desired song. to add more songs, repeat this process and put them in this folder. oh sometimes simfiles are put into what is called a rar file. this is basically just a whole bunch of files crammed into one for easy storage. if you do download a rar file, you need to extract it into a normal zip. here is a free program that you may download to extract these rar files: and here is my little tutorial on how to use it: well hope this helps and good luck! 3d9ccd7d82


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