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3d Coat 4.5 Crack [UPD]

3d Coat 4.5 Crack

3d Coat 4.5 Crack [UPD]

Changes:20.12.2014 4.5.BETA1- PBR & Smart PBR materials introduced.- a lot of bugfixes. 25.10.2014 4.1.17C - Tweak room select works correctly- Topo symm works correctly, it copies regardless on previous stamp mode usage 19.09.2014 4.1.17- multithreading problems fixed in ppp painting - so it will work much faster (strokes, layers visibility etc)- Paint room text tool aliasing problem fixed (but still needs some work even if become much better)- Put picture along curve correctly works with opacity in depth channel- swap YZ completely implemented in al tools (including axis and arrows colors). So Z-up mode should work correcty now.13.09.2014 4.1.16- Constructor tool enabled. It was developed previously but was not open to everyone. This is lego/minecraft style of cell modeling - mainly aimed to children. Together with symmery, pose and wrapping it may help in "serious" modeling as well.- RMB controls radius in more predictable way in 2d texture editor- Swap YZ option in preferences (to work with editors that has Z - axis - up) globally exchanges Y and Z everywhere (in dialogs, naming etc)- Tapering tweaked - pressure at the end of curve will be used even after the end of tapering length. In this way tapering may be use to start strokes smoothly regardless on initial "pen strike".- Rapid brush tweaked to work closer to previous version but bake advantage from newer approach. This is done to preserve compatibility with presets.Paint room curves fixed:- rmb controls radius correctly in both - 3d and 2d modex- fixed problem of incorrect normal in some cases of windows configuration (blocking problem)- rmb click toggles hardness6.08.2014 4.1.15- Tapering introduced! Look icon near the radius control.- Fixed major bug related to symmetry & presets "desease".- Lag after stroke fixed, Undo speeded up. This should improve sculpting experience greatly.- "Frame" correct.- Symmetry copy problem solved.- Rapid/Claws corrected to be less bumpy (but still rigid).- "Apply" overrides Enter in all tools- Rotate along stroke/strips does not lead to initial round spot in some tools.- Layer blending popup polished31.08.2014 4.1.14- Quick access to layer's blending options - hover layer, press small triangle that appears on the right.- "Rotate along stroke" tuned to avoid trajectory twisting, many surface brushes got trjectory improvement that should lead to more predictble sculpting.- Retopo with symmetry improved . Points will be automatically snapped and weld to the symmetry plane. It is especially important in non-virtual mirror mode.- slide edges correctly works with non-virtual symmetry- Splinestroke E mode works correctly with multiple strokes - no more random dots.- Set of problems related to fill/ fill with freeze fixed in vertex paint mode.23.08.2014 4.1.13- New retopo tool - scale. It scales clusters individually. Bewel, select sharp edges got better dialog and realtime preview.- Fixed a lot of problems related to symmetry. Clone with symmetry problem solved.- Fixed problem of "Simple" triangulation, compatibility presets tweaked. I still need help in 3D-Max compatibility.- Better support of highpoly meshes import via File->Import for vertex painting. It works faster and requires less memory.- Import images as mesh supports tiff-s17.08.2014- normalmapping standartized. Presets for normalmapping introduced. It is in preferences, inport dialog, normalmap import dialog.It was big inversigatoon - usually software vendort does not whare methods of calculation of tangent space. So I was testing and checkng a lot. Now need your help to create presets itself. Especially I have problems with 3D-Max. If someone wants to help to create preset - please drop me mail to support. I need help with Modo.I also discovered that in most cases 3D packages not woring corectly with normalmaps/tangentspace. Even in best case (baked in maya, rendered in maya) it will not show completely correctly. But in 3D-Coat it will show correc


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