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The large number of options available for compressors increases the time and effort involved in choosing the correct compressor. By eliminating the costly mistakes of selecting the wrong compressor for the application, and by allowing the consultant to focus on the key factors of compressor selection, it is possible to align the consultant’s work with high efficiency and safety.

Hose selectionOne of the most important parameters to consider when selecting a compressor is the hose that will be connected to the compressor outlet. In some cases, the high pressure flow from the compressor can be comparable to the pressure that is required when attaching the hose to an industrial installation. In those cases, individual hose pressure ratings can be a key factor. Consultants must be aware of the hose pressure rating requirements of the specific application.

Most compressors come with different options for inlet and outlet ports. Consultants should look for the best fit of the location and number of ports. The size of the port can also vary, though the position of the port in relation to the compressor should be adjusted to ensure the proper flow to the hose used. Consultants should also consider the apertures of the ports and the type of valves (check valves, shut-off valve, and back valves) associated with the outlet port.

Casing selectionDepending on the compressor type, the casing will have a variety of sizes and styles. Consultants should look at the primary focus of the compressor, the hoses and protectors to match the casing.

Compressors are priced for the type of application and the amount of horsepower needed to run the compressor. The price of the compressor depends on the horsepower of the required compressor. Consultants should investigate the next level of service and warranty for the required horsepower to assure the required reliability. Traditionally, state-of-the art is the best for reliability and also the longest warranty. d2c66b5586


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