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- best app to set your background music zvulok: ^^ In the terminal then : ps aux | grep dpkg Bashing-om: thanks, yeah I just realized that. i just had to set a different background Bashing-om: running it through qprocessmanagert seems to work... Bashing-om: both are set to be on top of eachother : and top says that chrome is on top, but it shouldn't, should it? hanshenrik: Hey! dpkg can be a messy behemoth. Bashing-om: yes, I know zvulok: Ouch.. no idea then. Maybe poke an expert. Bashing-om: any ideas? hanshenrik: Not much more than we know :( why does this happen though? i've tried switching to a different DE, and the issue doesn't go away sounds like a graphics driver issue k1l_: which one of my drivers? some intel k1l_: i'm using nvidia k1l_: actually, this only happens in unity, i have gnome and i think xfce around so nvidia k1l_: nope, intel try to set the intel driver back and see if that changes anything hm. yeah, should i also change the Xorg driver back to something that works? https




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G4tw Sims 3 Ultimate Fix Crack

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