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this is a large map, with many factories and a lot of rooms. there are 7 tech rooms, 2 barracks, 2 capitals, 2 research labs, 3 factories, 1 mission control, and more. there is a tv tower in the middle of the map, and the main hq is located near the navigation tower, in the far northeast corner.

1 base, 1 base control, 1 capital, 2 centers, 2 capitol control, 2 tech labs, 2 tech control, 2 guard posts, 3 fleets, 6 factories, 2 research labs, 6 minelayers, 1 radar station, 2 landing points, 9 keeps, 2 command posts, 6 naval artillery, 20 machineguns, 1 power station, 1 tv tower

you'll see that this game has an entirely new interface and gameplay, which includes a large game area, 3d units, realistic weapons and explosions (much like the original command & conquer), a new tech tree, lots of in-game music, and the graphics are integrated into a single, native resolution.

** the first two chapter of the game, overlord and chaos attack, are available as free downloads for xbox live gold members. click the "free content" tile in the tile list on the xbla "my games" page and then select "download content" to play. to download the other chapters of the game, visit .

the license does not allow you to distribute the game to any other person than the original purchaser. this license does not allow you to share the media files (mp3s, wavs, wma) that you create with the game to any other person.

the game features a link back to the game's website, the game's code is open source and the game's source code can be downloaded from this page. 3d9ccd7d82


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