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Akame Ga Kill! Theater Episode 1

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man the akame ga kill is a awesome than dbz but the can anyone tell the tatsumi is really die i wish he dont die because i like the anime when he still there in espisodes and i still thinking the esdeath is do something with him and he still alive because i see the status about in wiki and he is live and other point the village peoples are waiting for him and friends but anyway i wish and vote him for live lol and i m waiting for new espisodes perphaps tatsumi is live in akame ga kill!

FuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucK,why this anime had that fucking ending.fuck you akame.Fuck that manga writer for killing esdeate and tatsumi,They were a great couple.Also damn you tatsumi for not accepting her.

This week, Toonami airs Akame Ga Kill! episode 12, "Kill the Newcomers." Sentai Filmworks is almost caught up with their episode kill count videos, which slowly climbed to 100 deaths, before really starting to get excessive. Along with this, they've previewed the first premium box set, which is selling for $129.98 ahead of a February 9th release. 59ce067264


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