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Nick Radge Book Unholy Grails Download Free


How to Achieve Long Term Gains with Minimum Daily Effort: A Review of Nick Radge's Book Unholy Grails

If you are looking for a practical guide on how to invest in the stock market using momentum strategies, you might want to check out Nick Radge's book Unholy Grails - A New Road to Wealth. In this book, Radge shares his insights and experience as a trader and stock broker who stopped following the herd and started following the trends. He shows you how to identify and ride stocks that are moving up, and how to protect your capital during bear markets. He also challenges the conventional wisdom of buy and hold, value investing, diversification, and fund management.

Radge argues that most investors lose money because they follow the herd, which often reacts irrationally to financial information. He gives examples of stocks that were not cheap when they were falling, such as OneTel, HIH, ABC Learning, Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Trump Entertainment, Kodak, and Billabong. He also explains why a stock price in motion tends to stay in motion, and why you should be on the positive side of this statement. He introduces several momentum strategies that he has tested and refined over the years, such as the 52-week high breakout, the 6-month relative strength, the 3-month relative strength with volatility filter, and the 3-month relative strength with sector filter. He provides detailed rules and performance statistics for each strategy, as well as tips on how to implement them in real life.

Radge's book is not only informative but also entertaining. He writes in a conversational and humorous tone, using anecdotes and analogies to illustrate his points. He also goes against almost everything your stock broker, financial planner, and fund manager will ever tell you. He exposes the flaws and biases of these professionals, and shows you how to manage your own investments and stop paying fees to them. He warns you not to expect the same old, worn out advice from him. His book is not called Unholy Grails for nothing!

If you are interested in reading Nick Radge's book Unholy Grails - A New Road to Wealth, you can download it from[^1^] or Goodreads[^2^]. You can also find more information about the book on Google Books[^3^]. Whether you are investing for your retirement or using an active investment strategy to manage your personal wealth, this book will help you determine the right strategy for you.

In the next section of the book, Radge discusses some of the psychological challenges and pitfalls that investors face when applying momentum strategies. He explains why most investors are prone to overconfidence, loss aversion, confirmation bias, hindsight bias, and anchoring. He also offers some practical advice on how to overcome these cognitive biases and emotions, such as using a trading plan, keeping a trading journal, setting stop losses, and reviewing your performance regularly.

Radge also addresses some of the common questions and objections that investors have regarding momentum strategies. He debunks some of the myths and misconceptions that surround these strategies, such as they are too risky, too simple, too mechanical, too short-term, or too dependent on market conditions. He shows you how to evaluate the risk and reward of each strategy, how to use simple rules to capture complex market behavior, how to automate your trading decisions and reduce human error, how to adapt to changing market environments, and how to achieve consistent and robust results over time.

Finally, Radge concludes the book by sharing his personal journey and philosophy as a momentum investor. He reveals how he discovered and developed his passion for trading, how he learned from his mistakes and successes, how he balances his work and life, and how he enjoys the freedom and satisfaction that comes from being his own boss. He also encourages you to find your own path and style as an investor, and to pursue your own unholy grails. 248dff8e21


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