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Skachat Mod Railcraft

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Skachat Mod Railcraft

Railcraft is a wonderful mod and although it can seem complex at first it is simple when you get going. In railcraft you can do anything from building a nice looking railroad station to building a factory for rail production with mine carts.

Welcome! As you already see this is a Traincraft Server (Mostly). The server has Traincraft, Railcraft, Buildcraft, and Pam's Harvestcraft. This server is economical based server where you work and raise money to buy a railroad permit to build your empire! We have railcraft to assist you with signaling and wireless redstone, Buildcraft for your factory needs, and Pam's Harvestcraft to level out the food industry with all the other hyped industries. We try to keep the mod count low for simplicity of getting on. We look forward to see you online! 59ce067264


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