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XPlane JARDesign A320 v3.1r2: A Review of the Latest Version of the Popular Airbus Simulator for XPlane 11

If you are a fan of Airbus aircraft and XPlane 11, you might be interested in the latest version of the JARDesign A320, a highly realistic and detailed simulation of the Airbus A320 family. The JARDesign A320 v3.1r2 is an update that brings several improvements and fixes to the previous version, such as re-textured wheel/nacelle, a640 window, and a645 windshield[^1^]. In this article, we will review some of the features and performance of this add-on and see how it compares to the real A320.

Features of the JARDesign A320 v3.1r2

The JARDesign A320 v3.1r2 is compatible with XPlane 11 only and can be downloaded from the official X-Plane website[^1^]. It comes with a variety of liveries and a custom sound pack. The add-on also features a realistic flight model, a detailed 3D cockpit, a custom FMC, a fly-by-wire system, an interactive checklist, and many other systems and animations that make it feel like you are flying a real Airbus.

One of the most impressive features of the JARDesign A320 v3.1r2 is the ground effect, which is high and makes the landing more challenging and realistic. The takeoff and climb performance are also spot on with the real A320, with a max top climb speed of 289 knots and a max cruise speed of 234 knots with 700 NM of range[^1^]. The max Mach at cruising altitude is 0.37, which is low flying but realistic for this type of aircraft[^1^]. The add-on also simulates the fuel consumption and weight of the A320 accurately, so you have to plan your route carefully to avoid running out of fuel or exceeding the landing weight.

How to Install and Use the JARDesign A320 v3.1r2

To install the JARDesign A320 v3.1r2, you need to have XPlane 11 installed on your computer and download the add-on from the official X-Plane website[^1^]. You can install it quickly via the Credits screen in XPlane 11. Once installed, you can select the JARDesign A320 from the aircraft menu and choose your preferred livery.

To use the JARDesign A320 v3.1r2, you need to follow some basic procedures to start up and fly the aircraft. For example, you need to have the APU (auxiliary power unit) running and available on the overhead panel, switch on the APU bleed button and turn the bleed switch to open. You also need to turn on the beacon lights to warn the rampers that you are going to power up the aircraft. The engine ignition switch is below the throttles on the pedestal and goes to on start. You can also use the interactive checklist to guide you through each step[^3^].

The JARDesign A320 v3.1r2 has a custom FMC that allows you to enter your flight plan, set up your performance data, manage your fuel and payload, and access various pages and functions. You can also use the fly-by-wire system to control the aircraft with ease and precision. The add-on also has a realistic sound pack that enhances your immersion and makes you feel like you are in a real cockpit.


The JARDesign A320 v3.1r2 is a great add-on for XPlane 11 that simulates the Airbus A320 family with high fidelity and realism. It has many features and systems that make it fun and challenging to fly, as well as a detailed 3D cockpit and a custom sound pack that make it immersive and enjoyable. If you are looking for a realistic and detailed simulation of the Airbus A320 for XPlane 11, you should definitely check out the JARDesign A320 v3.1r2. 061ffe29dd


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