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+1 formit!! I think it may be a huge advantage if materials from formit could transfer to those of revit. right now that isn't the case. it seems like a big challenge but with tons of potential. specially if Enscape is considering a material editor within Revit.

Top industries for MIT's 2020 MBAs were consulting (31.1%), technology (27.6%), and finance (18.5%); a year before, consulting and tech were tied at 30.7%. Healthcare in 2020 was flat at 5.6%, while manufacturing industries as a whole grew to 18.2% of the class, from 15.4% in 2019. This year, consulting (28.3%) and tech (25%) were down a bit while finance saw a resurgence (21.4%). But the big news is the higher percentage of full-time offers in pharmaceuticals/healthcare/biotechnology, which grew to 9.8% of the class from 6%. (See page 2 for a list of top employers of Sloan MBAs over the years.) googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display("div-gpt-ad-1622575482707-0"); );

Of the 405 total graduates in the Class of 2020, 57, or 14.1%, were sponsored and planned to return to their companies; that was up from 46 (11.4%) in 2019. Fewer planned to start their own business, however: just 14, or 3.5%, down from 6.7% in 2019. This year, 76 Sloanies (18.7%) were sponsored and returning, and 17 (4.2%) were planning to become entrepreneurs.

As it is every year, growth potential was the top reason Sloan MBAs accepted their position, down slightly to 40.7% from 43.6% (and 44.3% in 2019). Sustainability, which had grown by leaps and bounds in 2019 as a cause for Sloan MBAs to take a job, then cratered from 4.3% to 0.9% last year, notably bounced back in 2021, to 2.8%.

Sam Locke of Libraries' HR is supporting student hires starting this Fall [2019]. To streamline this activity, please use the new form to submit requests/information for student hires. The information will be submitted from the form to create a student appointment. The system will then notify the student, the supervisor, and Sam of the successful transaction with an email. The student can then enter their hours into Atlas as normal; with hours approved by the supervisor weekly. Please contact with any questions. 1e1e36bf2d


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